My new WHITE room!!!

Well, I recently conquered a long time fear of mine!  I know it’s crazy, but I’ve always been afraid to paint a room white.  I see it in magazines and on blogs all the time, but I was afraid that when I did it, it would look like a stark hospital room.

When we purchased our house and remodeled it about a year ago, I wanted something different for our bedroom, so I went with purple…very dark purple(see my renovation posts here).  I loved it…for like a day, then I hated it.  I gave it a year to make sure I didn’t change my mind(and I didn’t!), and about a month ago, I dove in and completely redid my room.  I wanted a room that was warm and comfortable, clean and inviting.  I LOVE color, so I was able to incorporate my favorite bright colors into the decor, but it still has a clean fresh feeling too it, which I love.  My husband, who can take or leave most of the decorating decisions I make, even made the comment of how much he loves our room now.  Like I didn’t have enough of a problem wanting to get out of bed in the morning, I now want to pile the whole fam in bed and just enjoy our sunny room as the sun shines in.

I’ve compiled a list of where I purchased most of the decor:
Yellow Chevron Curtains: Etsy
Custard Chair: West Elm
Silver Side Table: West Elm
Log Lamps: Z Gallerie
Bedding: Chartreuse Pear, Ruston, LA
Bird Painting: Etsy
Color: Sherwin Williams
Light Fixture: Lowe’s
Photo “Clothes Line”: Ikea
Photos:  Fine Line Art Supply & Print Lab

Posey in her typical princess attire & Tulah enjoying my  comfy chair.
We’ve had Tulah a few months…she was born just one day after Chapel!

I purchased this huge mirror years ago from Ellis Pottery in Shreveport, LA for $100.
It definitely needed an facelift, so I spray painted it fuchsia!
My mom painted the “You are My Sunshine” painting for me for Christmas.
It’s my favorite song to sing to my girls.
The Airplane was my gift to Kelly Boy this Christmas.
It’s an exact replica of his plane he flew to crop dust.

Could Chapel be any more delectable??

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11 responses to “My new WHITE room!!!”

  1. joni mcdonald says:

    your room looks great…just like every other thing you decorate. my main comment is on those kiddos, though. they couldn’t be any cuter if they tried! i know y’all are having so much fun with them. girls are the best!

  2. Ellie A. says:

    Just LOVE! Everything just feels as if it was a piece to a puzzle to make the picture complete! Your girls are so sweet. Posey & my little girl would get along lovely she is a different princess everyday as well. I love it so 🙂 Being I was actually a tomboy at her age so seeing such a girlie girl is so much fun!

  3. I painted our guest/craft room white and had the same trepidations, but also ended up loving it.
    And I LOVE your bird painting! Just gorgeous!

  4. I been thinking about painting my garage all white and using it as a studio. Not sure if i will do it yet. Any thoughts?

  5. Heather T says:

    If I may ask, what brand and color is your carpet? My husband and I are about to re-carpet the rooms in our home and I love the look of yours.
    Many blessings.

  6. So cute! You are my sunshine is our favorite over here, too. Received my two sues bag! IN LOVE. Seriously. Think I may have to blog about it 😉

  7. You have a great eye for decorating!!! Those chevron striped curtains…smitten!!

  8. I love your white room and how you have decorated it, but I love your children’s pictures. Really adorable.

  9. I love it! I was wondering which white did you get from Sherwin Williams?

  10. Pascaline says:

    HI there, I was wondering what the name or code of the color on your walls is?
    Thanks a bunch!

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